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As a NEW New World Celt, you will gain a family and support the community in the most positive way.

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Membership is open to everyone interested in Celtic culture. We are a Non-political, Non-religious organization.

Interested in becoming a member and have questions? Please fill out the online form and we will be happy to contact you or you can also visit one of our meetings and bring a printed form.. Our next meeting can be found here : event calendar .

If you are a Family, with children that could participate in NWC functions, please fill out a Minor Media permission form, which can be found our website, under Financial Assistance.

New World Celts

 A charitable organization promoting Celtic arts and culture in the New World.

Check our event calendar for our next meeting!

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Hail to the celts! HAIL to the celts! Haaaiiilllll to the celts.

Dunedin New World Celts